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“I have used Bruce McConnell to analyze and review my dealership for over 22 years. He has been instrumental in helping us grow from a four-person operation to a 56-employee company with six branches.”


“I feel like the greatest benefit has been goal setting and working towards those goals.  We meet annually with Bruce to go over the last year and set new goals for the upcoming year. It helps us look to the future and what we can change to achieve those goals.“


“Bruce has helped us with five critical areas of focus: financial, personnel, planning, pricing and analysis.”


“Bruce is very knowledgeable about financials and with his background in the garage door industry it is a perfect fit for us.”

“McConnell & Associates' advice has allowed our 'Mom & Pop' family business to expand revenue and streamline processes into a Medium Limited Liability Business.  Bruce McConnell’s eye for detail has helped us to implement changes in pricing structure and made our organization more efficient and profitable.”


“We are a second-generation family company that was conducting business in a non-profitable condition with large shareholder disputes. McConnell & Associates helped identify the changes and strategic paths necessary to regain control. Now, ten years after McConnell & Associates' involvement, we are remarkably successful and the leader in our market.”


“Calling Bruce 'just a consultant' would be a gross injustice! He brought industry knowledge, best practices, and real-world solutions to the complex and intricate challenges we faced. With an initial meeting conducted on site, and quarterly visits and periodic conference calls, he gained first-hand knowledge of our challenges and brought solutions to us that were not always visible from our vantage point. We’re very fortunate that he is coaching our team.”


“Joining our family business was terrifying — I had absolutely NO Accounting or Business Management skills. Adding McConnell & Associates to my external support team was invaluable! In the past 10 years, my personal knowledge of marketing, budgeting, and QuickBooks accounting procedures has grown exponentially. Bruce McConnell’s laid-back style of consulting, coaching and training is from real-world knowledge of what’s going on in today’s industry.”


“Bruce shares your goals for growth in business knowledge and wealth — and it shows with his attention to details and willingness to go the extra mile in helping you understand Your Company.”


“Bruce's professionalism and wanting to understand and help my business was sincere. That help grew into friendship. That's just the kind of person he is. The value he provided to me was more that just financial, he was also a business partner to throw ideas off and a shoulder to lean on when things were tough. Your business is part of your life, so he became part of our life. For that, I am forever grateful. Thanks!”

“I have known Bruce for over 25 years on both a personal and professional level.  During the early years with Raynor Garage Doors as a Territory Manager and later as the Western Region Manager, I worked alongside Bruce providing Business Plans for dealers who requested this service. Bruce was always willing to jump on a airplane and fly to the dealers place of business. Bruce's business savvy, professionalism and understanding of the door industry always provided value to the dealer. The long-term relationships Bruce has developed and maintained over the years with his customers speaks for itself.”


“Bruce has a unique way of opening his clients' eyes to what their business is really about. At the core of every business it is all about the numbers. The value that Bruce provides is helping business owners understand what their particular business is doing. He breaks down revenue and expenses in such a way that you have clear insight in to what is working and what is not working. He sheds light on what needs to improve. Overall, he gives each owner a clear picture whether good or bad so that owners know where they stand and that is a good thing to know. Once you know then you can fix it or continue to succeed.”


“We used Bruce in every aspect of our business. He helped us with financial management as well as analysis and pricing. He took an interest in us personally, as it related to our business and understood that as small business owners our lives were our business. Bruce is not only a great person in helping with our business but genuinely cares about our family.”


“I would recommend Bruce for anything that has to do with gaining a better financial understanding of your business. He knows what makes a business run. He analyzes the business from a financial perspective and how those numbers impact the business.”


“I haven't said it in awhile: Thank you for all you have done for our family and what used to be our business. If passion and commitment could have made our business work. You alone had more than enough to make it succeed. We owe you a great debt of gratitude that I don't think we could ever repay.”

“Bruce McConnell is more than a financial whiz…he’s likeable! He’s able to connect with the members of your team in a friendly, non-threatening way. He is very knowledgeable in our industry, always providing current general data for comparison and upcoming trends/struggles throughout the nation.”


“He has a wealth of experience in budgeting/finance and is able to explain how those numbers represent what’s really going on in your business. You know it in your “gut” but he can prove (or disprove) it on paper. He gives you options/scenarios and ideas for improvements and it’s always a worthwhile investment. He is truly a most valuable resource and part of our team!”

“Bruce McConnell is a difference maker. He has allowed our business to be successful and while he continues to help me monitor our financial direction, he understands how the Garage Door business works and how to analyze our financials to best make changes and alter the plan as we put it in place.”


“As we go through monthly income statements, his professional fees are not just based on his on-site consulting, but as he makes himself available 24/7 to bounce ideas and potential issues off him. He spends days preparing for his visits and is always well prepared to address issues. He meets with all members of my management team and sales staff to get their opinion of the ongoing operation.”


“Most of all, he gives it to you straight and doesn’t candy coat anything so that we can make changes as they are needed. He is my most important ally and I’m so thankful that we crossed paths 15 years ago. If it wasn’t for Bruce’s teaching ability I would not understand the complete workings of an income statement and how to relate to it in simple terms.” 


“Bruce helped me understand what drives gross profit with all combinations and scenarios between direct labor, cost of goods sold, inventory, and especially and most importantly, the human factor; people working for a common good with proper structure and understanding their role to be performed is vital to our success.”

“Most people think of him as a 'numbers guy; but he is much more than that. He presents knowledge in a concise manner so that my team “gets it”. He is great at getting people to open up to him so that he can better help me guide my team. I really like that Bruce has a thorough understanding of the door business and has helped many companies work thru the same issues that I have to deal with every day. You don’t get that with most business consultants.”


“My team has a very good understanding of the relationship between sales, margins and profitability because of Bruce. I rely on him to analyze where we have been, plan for where we are going and make sure that all members of my team are on the same journey.”

A huge “Thank You!” to our clients who have so graciously and generously shared their testimonial feedback and comments!

Client Testimonials


Discover why hundreds of small businesses in the U.S. and Canada have counted on and benefited from the expert and personalized financial analysis services provided  by Bruce McConnell and McConnell & Associates.

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